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Will he be ready?

That was the question that 5-year-old Torpin’s mother Kaytee asked herself knowing he would start Kindergarten at West View Elementary in August 2020.

“We suspected when Torpin was 3 years old that he might be on the Autism spectrum, at his day care he started having trouble and we were being called every day. The staff were just not experienced in helping children with delays. It was very difficult and we knew he was so unhappy”

Even at three, Kaytee knew that being ready for Kindergarten was critical. Looking for the best learning environment, Kaytee wanted more for her son and found it at Learning Together.

“We live in Johnston county and there is not much diversity in our neighborhood. I liked the fact that Torpin was going to school with kids who may vary in their background, ethnicity, family structure or socioeconomic status. I think it allowed him to be in a diverse and inclusive learning environment.”

Being ready for Kindergarten is not just about math and reading skills. Being able to listen to the teacher, interact with peers appropriately and manage the school day can be the difference between success and tears.

Kaytee said, “The teachers were so skilled at helping him manage his body and communicating what he needed. Sometimes Torpin is too quick to engage or intrude on another child’s space. They help him interact effectively in a way that builds friendships.”

With the care and support of his family and Learning Together, three years later Torpin began Kindergarten this fall with his peers ready to learn.